knitted baby vest

old baby knitting vests which are both very stylish and very useful in this cross , this vest looks great on the rope , but you can do it in the desired color and size .

Baby vest Us 64 loop starts and four rows Purl örün.las third full during the middle Ucil Magadan marrow yapın.las have when finished edge tire in the marrow açılacak.las have finished by SEVEN loop edges for tire Purl and TWENTY-THREE straight platted THREE stitch together eg, the remaining stitches plain to be knitted . Behind the unutmayın.tekr tires örülecek.ken is always wrong when it comes to stand straight and THREE TWO TWENTY SEVEN loop the loop with a flat tire the rest will be flat again . FIFTEEN times together three plaited more edilecek.o the beşkez when SEVEN stitches Purl ON A flat and THREE- stitch cut marrow will be opened and the remaining THIRTEEN stitch Purl ( this seat tire will be ) örülecek.arka coming from the cut end of the loop arttırılacak.kenar in thirteen Purl FOUR SIX loop as when gouges cut seat and continue straight to the yapılacak.sonr edilecek.dig side symmetrically to knit . SEVENTY- TWO loops back to the starting edge of the front without forgetting latika we weave , until the same length

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