lace vest

jacket with crochet lace motifs combining it with the making of lace knitting. Colors and sizes you want to do.

crochet sweater free pattern

This colorful crochet knit sweater made ​​of lace pattern, so there are pictures of construction.

lace dresses

Lace dresses elegance is indisputable. I like the bright lace dresses in particular. Black lace dress and white lace dresses very appreciated.

sunflover Crochet girl dress

This is similar to sunflower pendant made ​​for babies girls or girls want to dress knit dress with hair band will also do a full team.

Crochet tablecloth pattern

Lace crochet lace table cloth made ​​of lace or lace roses fiskos scheme have your picture to be used as cover

crochet blanket free pattern

 Made in knitting and crochet lace motifs, combined with a great model of a blanket. Great for baby girl and boy babies can be done to Bbekler a blanket model.

Crochet dress free pattern

So strap short dress made ​​of crocheted lace, mesh lace dress that you can easily share with paintings by describing the construction.

free crochet pattern sweater

In the middle part of the exterior color is black with a white cottage from the shoulder sweater crochet lace knitting mesh construction that have pictures.

crochet hat free pattern

Construction made ​​of colorful knitted hat with crochet lace knitting share photos with you.

crochet shawl free pattern

Pink color knitted shawl pattern in the form of self-leaf patterns. Made by crocheting this shawl colors and sizes you want to do.

crochet top for pregnant

 Made lace pregnant women can wear comfortably without getting bored, especially during the summer months pregnant with the picture superb scheme that you can weave.

Lace crochet blouse free pattern

lace blouse made ​​of fabric patterned self-construction scheme showing the full picture of the share numbers for you.

crochet blouse free pattern

Adorned with colorful flowers woven mesh made ​​for girls that I wanted to share different and stylish knit blouse child.

crochet hat free pattern

Made of lace knitting with crochet hat as that by looking at the picture of the model construction we hope you can make this hat colors you want.

Crochet hat free pattern

So ladies crochet hat made ​​of red lace and detailed construction is being done as you can find photos of the subject.

gorro, bolsa y vestido con patron, crochet hat, purse and dress

Blue crochet lace, mesh bags, so this model is made ​​of lace knitting, lace knitting beret knit dress and lace paintings by construction we have here.

crochet Shawl free pattern

The shoulder purple lace crochet shawl made ​​of the construction scheme described in le sharing photos easy for you to do you.

Sueter a ganchillo patron gratis,crochet Sweater free pattern

In doing so lace floral crochet cardigan. Floral pattern with pictures describing the making of this sleeve cardigan share with you.

bat sleeve knit sweater

bat sleeve knit sweater yapılışının described in the explanatory model step by step photos of each part of the making of difficult to conduct knit sweater photos to follow if you want to be enough.

long knit cardigan

I wanted to share it with long fur cardigan mesh construction scheme. If you want to knit this sweater in you schema file scheme will be enough to keep track of.

shoulder shawl

Knitted shawl made ​​with skewers made ​​in pink color, the length of the shoulder sialer you can do as you want. Very different and easy to wrap a mesh model.

children dress two colors

Made of two colors that kids crochet dress made ​​for girls sharing scheme the making. For infants to reduce the number of chain.

Amphorae Shawl

The lace motif adorning this shawl reminds me of an amphora, a vase that has a pointed base, rounded body, and narrow neck. Amphorae have been used since ancient times to store and transport liquids, especially wine. This shawl is worked from the bottom up, and is shaped by decreases along both outer edges and center. The rapid decreases along the outer edges cause the top edge of the finished garment to form a natural curve, and also create more tapered ends than in a typical triangular shawl; these features allow the shawl to curve more easily around the neck and shoulders.

Fern Fitted Shell

Panels of Fern Pattern lace (from the Mon Tricot 1500 stitch dictionary) form the side sections of this fitted sleeveless top, and cause the hem to curve gracefully. Binding off and then picking up stitches just below the bust creates an accent cord, above which gentle bust shaping (short row shaping optional) and a scoop neckline create a flattering silhouette. The neck and hem are finished with an applied I-cord edging, while the armholes are self-finished (see Pattern Notes). Il modello e' finalmente disponibile per comprare (ma purtroppo non in Italiano--mi dispiace). Andavo nel mio archivio fotografico per trovare le fotografie che ho fatto quando finivo Fern, e non potrei credere che era in febbraio. Allora, alcune cose hanno intervenuto nel ultimo quasi mezz' anno.

Baby Knitting Patterns Crochet jacket

Although child weaves how easy it is built very difficult to make tiny human tightened.