children's jacket knitting patterns

To the rear of the mantle when it comes to the conduct of children :
56 stitches , starting with skewers with 3 units en We're knitting . After closing the loop 35 will remain on skewers . Medium 3 -piece 8 stitches örüyoruz that two loop reverse eight straight 2 reverse eight straight 2 reverse eight straight second reverse form whether of 21 8 stitches both the right and the left one sooner we cut the 6 well again after we do the same process . Thai only remaining until the stitches . Then ropa skirt portion 3 as well make Purl 1 row from both sides with a flat- platted 3-2-1 logic are cut. From the waist after a total of 18 as platted divide into 3 equal pieces that are making cuts 8 stitches remain .
For front : starting with 36 stitches Purl 3 again as we weave . 4 of 5 straight two opposite 8 straight for the front of one of the last still make as 5 of 15 8 of the loops are cut by two . 6 rows then again off in this manner taki one up until this process make defense part of the middle 22 stitches mold 3 rows again Purl 're doing and 1 go straight to come up arms 3-2-1 logic and cut 6 Purl the front of the cutting 're starting . Segments make up the remaining 8 stitches are cut.
Handle : 25 stitches , starting 3 Purl b 10 as platted second hand , increasing the of 20 30 of the same process whether 32 as the lever from both sides in the 3-2-1 with the logic sector make one sooner from both sides cut make 8 thick stitch at a time are doing.

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Baby Knitting Patterns Crochet jacket

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